How to Help Breast Cancer Charity


How to Help Breast Cancer Charity

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Every year, breast cancer affects thousands of Americans both women and men.
It is estimated that one in eight women will develop the disease. Early detection increases the survival rate significantly. One of the best ways to detect breast cancer early is to have a mammogram. A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast. It is a safe, quick and simple method but, unfortunately, millions of women have never had one simply because they are not aware of its importance. Breast cancer charity seeks to change that.

One of the main purposes of breast cancer charity is to raise awareness about breast cancer particularly on:
* Detection and diagnosis
While the risk of breast cancer is higher in Caucasian and African-American women and in women over forty, all women are at risk of this disease. Most women diagnosed with breast cancer have no relatives with a history of the disease and many had no evident risk factors. In addition, breast cancer in the early stage is usually not painful. All of these make early detection crucial.

Breast cancer charity continues to educate women and the public about the significance of mammography screenings and its contribution in saving the lives of many women. Along with education, breast cancer charity raises funds to provide free or affordable mammograms to low-income women, the homeless, uninsured and other women in need.

* Available treatment
The methods to treat breast cancer include surgery, hormone therapy, chemotherapy and radiation.

Breast cancer charity encourages women to assume responsibility over their health, which can be as simple as self-administered breast exams, clinical breast exams, getting a mammogram and, for breast cancer patients or survivors, following treatment as advised by doctor.

For those who would like to reach out in support of breast cancer charity, many organizations would appreciate your efforts to fight breast cancer. You can help breast cancer charity in many ways such as giving a cash donation, shopping online on charity websites or participating in site advertising programs to fund mammography screenings, wearing a pink ribbon or awareness bracelet, linking your blog to a breast cancer site, joining walks, and volunteering in campaigning and fundraising.

To get more information on different breast cancer charities, you can check charity ratings to locate which groups will use your donation the most efficiently and which uses majority of its funds to finance actual programs. Some charity watchdogs have made this information available online. Support breast cancer charity and help save lives.